Bob Nelson Speaking at Mercatus

On Wednesday, November 11, Robert Nelson will be speaking at Mercatus about the rise of sublocal governance. His talk is from 12:30 to 2 in room 121 of George Mason University’s Hazel Hall, 3301 North Fairfax Drive, Arlington and yes, lunch will be provided. Here’s the blurb:

Professor Nelson will discuss the growing importance of sublocal forms of governance. The rise of private community associations, in which 20 percent of Americans now live, is a leading example.  The spread of Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) is another important case.  Sublocal governments can specialize and otherwise more effectively address urban problems that have defied the efforts of conventional city governments. Professor Nelson will explore what this means for city and urban governance and the provision of public goods at various levels of government.

We will livestream the event here at Neighborhood Effects, technology willing. Anyone in the Washington area is welcome to attend, ask questions, and meet your bloggers in person. Email Megan Mahan (mmahan /at/ gmu /dot/ edu) to register or call 703-993-4930.