Schwarzenegger’s “The Collectinator”: California’s bailout sequel

Governor Schwarzengger has resurrected a moniker. In 2003 he called himself “The Collectinator” for his promise to get money back from Washington, D.C. Now, the governor will seek several billion more to help California meet its $21 billion budget shortfall through 2011. His office argues that under President Clinton, California received 94 cents for every dollar it sent to Washington. Now it’s 78 cents. The claim is California is subsidizing programs in other states. Of course, it does not follow that the rest of the United States should subsidize decades of excessive in-state spending in California. To be sure Governor Schwarzenegger doesn’t have it easy. An Alameda Superior Court ruled yesterday that the Governor cannot furlough thousands of unionized state workers including members of the Services Employees International Union. The case is now headed to the state Supreme Court.