State of the State in Ohio

Ohio’s Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions recently released their new State of the State report. From the press release:

In nineteen years, Ohio’s job market only created a net 176,100 new jobs, or just over 9,000 jobs per year. That weak job growth means limited opportunities for you, your family, and your friends. Limited opportunity makes it hard for you to get ahead and attain the American Dream.

As the job market weakened, the taxes and fees you pay to government at all levels rose making your state and local tax burden the 7th highest in the United States. The tax climate for businesses in Ohio is the 47th worst in America.


The only way to spur robust job creation and lower our taxes is to eliminate Ohio’s anti-business job policies and to reduce the cost of government. These actions will not be easy but failure to make fundamental reforms will render Ohio even less competitive with other states in both job creation and taxes.

The executive summary adds:

If Ohio wants a vibrant job market, our elected officials must stop nibbling on the margins and put in place policies that allow businesses of all sizes and industries to grow and create jobs. By making hard choices that defang entrenched interests, our government can send a clear message that unequivocally tells Ohioans and the business community across America that Ohio is a place where businesses and their employees will face low tax burdens and effective, cost-contained government.

Click here to download the entire 11.6 MB PDF file.