Cory Booker’s second term as Newark’s Mayor

Cory Booker won his second term as Mayor of Newark, N.J. During his first term he has shown remarkable resolve. Key to his efforts to reverse of the city’s 40-year stagnation is an unrelenting focus on reducing violent crime. April 1 2010 marked the first murder-free month in Newark since May 1966 (shortly before the 1967 riots that devastated the city.) The recent documentary Brick City follows the efforts of the Mayor and Police Director Garry McCarthy to roll back the devastation that violent crime and gang-activity has had on Newark’s neighborhoods, residents’ lives and the city’s economic prospects. The milestone is more than an anomoly. Since McCarthy (formerly chief crime strategist for the New York City Police Department) arrived homicides are down 58% and shooting incidents are down 67%. Geared up for his second term with 60 percent of the vote, this morning on his Twitter feed the Mayor quotes Winston Churchill.