Christie’s Property Tax Cap Evolves

A key component of Governor Chris Christie’s spending and tax reduction plan is his proposal to place a hard cap of 2.5% on property tax increases, based on Massachusetts’ Prop 2 and 1/2. A compromise was reached with the Legislature this weekend to create a 2% cap with several exceptions for pensions, health care, and debt.

The Asbury Park Press covers how the cap evolved this weekend.

My reservations over the property tax cap boil down to a basic theoretical observation. Capping one source of revenue only shifts the bill. The problem in New Jersey does not lie with the property tax, per se, but in the evolution of an intergovernmental aid system, and state spending mandates that have eroded Home Rule.

Local budget watchers will want to keep an eye on how local governments choose to navigate the cap this year. Pension costs and health care are set to consume the state’s budget in the coming decade. Cap or no cap, as the Governor knows,  New Jersey has plenty left to cut.