What New Jersey Pays for its Police

This Sunday’s Star Ledger ran cover story on salaries for New Jersey’s police force. The median salary for a police officer in the Garden State is about $90,000. The Ledger also compiled a database for police salaries by municipality. Their analysis reveals that three out of every 10 officers makes over six figures and that the largest salaries are generally paid to officers in towns with the least crime.

Keep in mind these are strictly salary figures and exclude pensions, health benefits, overtime pay and other perqs. As an example, the average salary for an officer in Camden is $79,656, which ranks number one in violent crime. Bay Head Borough in Ocean County ranks 450 in violent crime and the average salary for a police officer is $100,309.

Some officers argue these salaries reflect New Jersey’s high cost of living and unions contracts that permit officers to rise quickly through the payscale. 

Saddle Brook Township’s Police Chief seems to think New Jersey’s policeforce are a well-paid profession, “Any police officer that says they’re not making enough money needs to re-examine themselves.”