Which States are Earmark Magnets?

Cato’s Tad DeHaven has a great piece in The New York Post on what the earmark ban means for New York. Not much, it turns out. New York taxpayers contribute 8.2% on average to the overall federal tax burden and receive only 2.1% of all earmarked funds, making them the last state in the earmarks line.

Who gets the most bacon? Missisippi, Alaska, West Virginia and Hawaii. Tad notes it’s important not to let earmarks distract from the larger spending debate. Earmarks are really about process in how funds are allocated. Fixing earmarks doesn’t mean wasteful spending disappears. Consider the $8 billion a year Community Development Block Grant. With or without earmarks, CDBG is designed to award federal money to municipalities where is it spent fixing sewers, buying park benches and streetlights, building amusement centers, and  many other purely local or private activities.