NYC Union Protest Budget Cuts By Not Plowing

The New York Post reports that New York City’s sanitation workers were told by supervisors to not plow the streets and leave the boroughs covered in snow drifts  in order to send a message to Mayor Bloomberg over his cuts to the department’s budget. The action resulted in emergency vehicles being stalled in the snow with tragic results for one young woman in labor. Feeling guilty, the workers came forward and told officials of the plot which included overtime pay for work undone. New Yorkers aren’t happy with how the City has handled the blizzard. Streets remained unplowed for 72 hours.

The question is what should the Mayor do? The City does supplement its own plow crew with outside contractors and private plowers but the call went out too late to bring in enough workers. Many private contractors may have already been called in by the airports. The debacle has caused the city to re-consider its snow strategy. The Sanitation Department union doesn’t like the idea of the City relying more on “privates” claiming, “You can never count on the privates, because they don’t have to show up,” he said. “What obligation do they have?