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One thought on “Down With One-Dimensional Politics!

  1. Zoom Fractal

    While much better than the one-dimensional model, throwing in a Left/Right axis still seems problematic. Seems to me that both the Left and the Right, or at least many in both major Parties, seem to advocate Personal Freedom on different issues, and Personal Intervention on a variety of other issues. The Right on bearing arms for instance, would be much more on the side of Personal Freedom. And the Left engages in all sorts of “moral” interference on personal issues as well. Almost seems to me that both “arrows” on the Left/Right line should be pointing in between the Economic Intervention and Personal Intervention end-points. In truth, with all the inconsistencies in rhetoric and policy, it’s almost like you have to set up a political spectrum on an issue by issue basis, rather than attempt to cover the totality of a lot of people’s views.

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