Pre-K for All?

by Emily Washington on February 20, 2013

in Education

I’m at US News’s Economic Intelligence blog this week, writing about President Obama’s proposal for universal Pre-K. One problem with his proposal is that we don’t have data demonstrating that state- or federally-funded preschool will improve outcomes for children:

Accurately measuring the outcomes of education programs is critical for providing policymakers, educators, and the public with the necessary data to know what works. Without this data we cannot know whether or not putting scarce taxpayer resources toward preschool will provide lasting benefits to participants, let alone provide societal benefits in excess of costs.

  • James

    May want to look @ Georgia’s lottery funded pre-k used by Obama as a model – there is data available.

  • I don’t think Obama really cares if there is no educational benefit. His real agenda is universal day care.

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