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3 thoughts on “Local land-use restrictions harm everyone

  1. Michael Lewyn

    Well, of course “arbitrary” regulations are bad. But will federal regulations be more likely to be arbitrary than the local regulations we have now?

    1. Adam Millsap

      I think that it is more likely that federal regulations would be arbitrarily enforced across cities and that appealing/changing federally enforced regulations would be more difficult than appealing/changing locally enforced regulations. Arbitrary local regulations are still bad and local regulations exclude the input of potential migrants in a way that federal regulations may not, but I have a hard time envisioning a federal system that corrects the problems of the local system.

      Also, I don’t think that the federal government can do much about local zoning regulations unless an amendment is passed that grants it additional powers or the supreme court overturns the cases that allow local land-use regulations. In the latter scenario it would only be necessary for the federal courts to defend property owners from local officials/judges who restricted the use of private property, and I think that this is a proper role of the federal government.

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