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Welcome to Neighborhood Effects

Welcome to Neighborhood Effects, a new blog about American state and local economic policy and political economy issues. It is run by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.

Our goal of this blog is to offer timely news, insight, and analysis on state and local economic public policy issues in a broad sense of the phrase.  We hope it will be a useful resource to policy makers, journalists, citizen advocates, policy analysts, social scientists, and others with an interest or stake in state and local political economy. Moreover, we believe that it can play a role in a larger conversation about the relationship between the federal, state, and local governments; what’s working in state and local economic development; and the future of state and local governments in America.

In order to accomplish this, we plan to leave comments open. We do have a moderation policy but anticipate employing a very light touch. Your participation is not just welcomed, it’s encouraged.

And if there’s something you’d rather discuss offline, please feel free to get in touch with me at drothsch //at-sign// gmu \\dot\\ edu.