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New Orleans Blight Update

The Greater New Orleans Community Data Center released a new data brief comparing blight in New Orleans to that of other cities around the country:

Nearly 66,000 residential addresses across New Orleans are unoccupied. A relatively small portion of these (7,000) are “vacant” according to the post office, indicating that they are likely habitable residences that have not been purchased or rented. Post office data suggests that the remainder – approximately 59,000 residential addresses – are blighted or represent empty lots. With less than 12,000 permits issued by City Hall for demolitions, the high number of abandoned or blighted residential buildings, can suppress home values and burden the city’s overall redevelopment efforts.

They include this graphic comparing New Orleans with other major cities:


Eileen Norcross has argued that to fight blight, it’s important that property in the New Orleans area being held by the city and state be moved into private hands as quickly as possible.

In other New Orleans land use news, recovery czar Ed Blakely has announced he’s quitting his job and moving back to Australia; Stephanie Grace assesses his tenure.