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The Fallout: Short-term Thinking in State Budgets

Reliance on fiscal gimmicks and stimulus funds have done no favors for state budgets. FY 2010 promises to be worse than last year. The National Governors Association reports states face budget deficits amounting to $134 billion over the next three years. Bob Williams writes only three governors appear to showing leadership on the issue: Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The reverse can be said for California. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has praised the stimulus for creating 150,00 new jobs in his state. As Veronique de Rugy points out, those are primarily taxpayer supported public sector jobs. For economic recovery to occur jobs must be created in the private sector. And there has been very little of that. California’s unemployment rate remains at 12.4 percent.