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Top Ten Funded Stimulus Road Projects

The Business Insider has an interesting slideshow of the ten most expensive stimulus road projects to have received funding thus far, based on data assembled by ProPublica.

Of the ten, five are in California, two are in Florida, one is in New Jersey, one is in Alabama, and one is in Connecticut.

The most expensive project is the expansion of the Caldecott Tunnel on California’s State Route 24 between Alameda and Contra Costa counties. According to Caltrans, this improvement has been in the works for some time now, having received environmental approval in 2007, that is, long before the stimulus.

What makes this historically interesting is that construction on the orignal tunnel commenced in 1929 — but was taken over by the Public Works Administration and completed in 1937. So for the second time, the Caldecott Tunnel seems to have had fortunate timing when it comes to getting federal funding for an already-decided state project.