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Atlantic’s “Future of the City”

The Atlantic is hosting a one-month blog by Conor Friedersdorf about the future of the city:

In the coming month, this page will explore cities in the same spirit as the person who thrills at urban life more than any other kind. He or she may find rural or suburban settings likable enough, but bliss as a traveler means arriving at a downtown train station armed with a map, a comfortable pair of shoes, and endless walkable blocks to explore. And everyday living? The lover of cities craves bustle if not always hustle, contact with different kinds of people, the anonymous solitude that masses provide as well as lakefronts, and every benefit of civilization that requires a certain scale before it is a daily possibility.

Today’s offerings include an interview with Portland’s iconoclastic mayor Sam Adams and a list of free things on Craigslist in some major and minor cities.