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Bob Nelson Guestblogging

I’m thrilled to announce that Robert H. Nelson, professor at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy and visiting senior scholar at the Mercatus Center, will be guestblogging on Neighborhood Effects through May.

Bob’s expertise are in the fields of local land use and zoning, economic ethics, and federal land policy. Most recently, he’s the author of Moving Past Kelo: A New Institution for Land Assembly — Collective Neighborhood Bargaining Associations in the Mercatus Policy Series and Private Neighborhoods and the Transformation of Local Government, published in 2005 by the Urban Institute Press. Before becoming a professor at Maryland, Bob worked in the Office of the Secretary of the Interior between 1975 and 1993 and thus brings expertise as both a practitioner and a scholar. He earned his Ph.D. in economics from Princeton University.

I first became acquainted with Bob’s work in Addis Ababa in 2005 in the library of the Ethiopian Economics Association, where I picked up a copy of his 2001 book Economics As Religion: From Samuelson to Chicago and Beyond and began skimming the introduction. Back in the US, I bought a copy and read it cover to cover. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable take on the role of economists within society, and one that’s especially relevant in light of the current financial crisis.

Bob, it’s a pleasure to have you on board. Welcome!