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The price tag of fiscal evasion in Maryland

To replenish the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) Maryland residents may expect higher gas taxes, tolls and parking rates. The Blue Ribbon Commission On Maryland Transportation Funding told lawmakers these measures could raise $600 million in new revenues, on top of $200 million in bonds. The reason for the measure is to plug the hole left by lawmakers who have become accustomed to dumping the TTF into the General Fund in order to balance Maryland’s budget. The committee further proposes the state pass a constitutional rule barring such raids.

As I document in my recent paper, “Maryland’s Fiscal Slide,” what seem like small one-time maneuvers to close budget gaps ultimately weaken fiscal discpline and come with a price. Maryland has been dipping into the TTF since 1984 as the fund also became more reliant on bonds. The result is Marylanders now looking at higher taxes and fees, as well as interest payments on transportation bonds.

Maryland’s Fiscal Slide

Maryland Journal has released its first issue. A publication of the Maryland Public Policy Institute the inaugural issue features my article on Maryland’s Fiscal Slide which examines the state’s fiscal institutions and current budgetary problems.

Additionally the journal features an interesting case study of the city of Baltimore, How to Make Baltimore a Superstar City, by Stephen K. Walters and Louis Miserendino.