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Freedom in the 50 States

Bryan Caplan likes William Ruger and Jason Sorens’s Freedom in the 50 States index. He writes:

Overall, it’s an impressive set of results.  Given the intranational mobility of labor and capital – and the ability of real estate prices to adjust – I wonder how predictive their measures will be for things like economic growth and migration.  I also suspect that states like New York and California mask the social benefits of freer policies.  Due to their big non-policy perks – focal location for New York, great weather for California – they feel like they can get away with less economic freedom – and they’re not entirely mistaken. 

Read Bryan’s full post here.

Someday I’d like to study the degree to which governments extract locational rents in the way that Bryan hypothesizes. In the meantime, I am working on a project using the Ruger and Sorens index to study a slightly different question. Stay tuned.