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Nouveau Austerity:The Nottingham Contemporary

Tim Halbur at Planetizen asks,“Is Starchitecture Over?” A new modern art museum in the UK,  The Nottingham Contemporary, opened this week. First impressions may not do it justice. Scalloped cement slabs rising from the sidewalk: Eastern-bloc homage? But on closer inspection, there is a lace pattern woven into the green-tinged cement and a gold roof. Its walls sit on top of the oldest site in the city, once a Saxon Fort. And in the 19th century, the area was home to Nottingham’s Lace Market. Tom Dyckoff at the Times Online hails the New Puritanism.

The engineer’s account. And the architect’s account. The title of an upcoming exhibit: “Star City: The Future Under Communism”

Again, first impressions deceive me. To be displayed: space art from the USSR, including an a showing of an alternative ending to Solaris (1972).